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I realize you have many choices when it comes to selecting a web designer. And I encourage you to do your homework before making a decision. Here is a brief overview of Spider Web site Designs and what sets me apart.

I became obsessed with the Internet in 1992, and by 1997 I was learning html code and working on my first web sites.  When my sister Judi launched her home business in 1995. she advertised in sampler magazines.  Her business grew so fast that by 1998 I offered to build her a site to save on advertising expenses and paperwork. .  From then on, I was hooked!!!!  I can't get enough of my graphic programs.

I have always been a stay at home mom, and web design has helped with that ever needed, second income.
I am also a small business, so I understand the challenges that small business owners face when bringing their business to the web.  From securing your domain to building the site and beyond... I am here to walk you through it all. And who knows, we may even have some fun along the way!

I have built a great website business by constant learning and consistently exceeding my clients' expectations. The bottom line is, I am firmly committed to delivering creative and effective websites on budget and on time.

I only accept a handful of projects each month so you can count on having my undivided attention.  As long as you continue to feed me information, I continue to work endless hours.

I have a genuine passion for web and graphic design.  I continue to keep up with the demanding changes of the Internet, and pride myself on building meta tags and getting top rankings.

I've got an imagination and I'm not afraid to use it! If you don't already have a plan for your site, I can work on a design that will make you proud!!!!!!  Just let me have fun and you will love the results.

Designer: Amy Lynn Colt
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