I am who I am, because of my family!!!

My mother believed that while raising seven children, being creative was important for our character.  Instead of buying pre made toys, she always bought craft supplies and encouraged us to use our imaginations.  This proved to be the best thing that she, as a mother, could have ever done for us.

I have always been a stay-at-home mom and tried to remember those important lessons learned while raising my own children.  I continuously found creative projects to keep me busy, and to help provide an extra income, so that I could stay at home and be with my children.  I started several home businesses, mostly in the arts and crafts fields, along with my two sisters Dawn and Judy.  We were continually designing artistic things and participated in craft shows to sell our wares.   

By the late 80’s I became involved with antique reproduction porcelain doll making, and specialized in Reproduction German Character Baby’s.  I won awards and even had one of my dolls featured in the 1992 “I SPY CHRISTMAS, A Book of Pictures and Riddles by Walter Wick and Jean Marzollo.

Computers became another creative outlet for me. Being a young teenager in the late 70’s, I got to witness the beginning stages of the home computer business.  While I was still attending high school in 1977, my eldest brother Kerry was in college studying computer software design at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  This was a brand new and upcoming profession and he wanted to be on the ground floor of it. On his breaks, he would bring home his first computer that he was assigned, the Apple II. He would excitedly set it up on the kitchen table and proceed to show us everything that it could do.   He would say “I can’t believe it; they are even starting to teach kindergarteners how to use computers, this is the wave of the future.”  For him this was a big deal since computers were so new that very few people were learning how to use them, let alone 5 year old children.  Upon graduation, he accepted a job in Palo Alto, California where he became a software designer for Apple.  He worked on teams that developed some of the most frequently used programs out there today.

My brother, Kerry, was the one that got me interested in computers.  In 1990 I finally I got my own first home computer and was teaching my young children how to use it. I became obsessed with the Internet in 1995, and by 1997 I was learning basic html code and playing around on my first web sites.
In 1995 my sister Judi finally launched her home business.  At that time the Internet was still so new that very few people knew how to use it, let alone, have a site.  The only way at that time to advertise was in craft and sampler type magazines.  Her business grew so fast that by 1998 I offered to build her a site to save on advertising expenses, and paperwork, and to test my skills in real life. Her site www.judilynndesigns.com was born.

This was my first full service ecommerce website, from then on, I was hooked!!!!  The years of studying and dabbling had come full circle. I started web design from almost the inception of the Internet, and have helped countless businesses get their start.  I pride myself on meta tag writing, and getting high rankings. I continually use my artistic skills, that my mother helped instill in me, to develop new angles on design.  I can not seem to get enough of my computer and my graphic programs.

To this day, what my mother taught us has helped all seven of her children become successful.  All of my brother and sisters are very creative.  We all own our own businesses or work in a creative field.  My brother, Kerry, was a software designer at Apple for 15 years and now works for Cisco in Boston.  My brother, Jeff, plays the piano, paints, and is President of my father’s own start-up company, Aerospace Techniques in Cromwell Ct., where he designed all the software programs used in it's day to day operations.   My sister, Dawn, now makes collars for rescued greyhounds www.greyglitz.com.  My sister, Judy, design’s toy bears for McCall’s Pattern Company, and runs her own home business www.judilynndesigns.com. My brother Roderick is an engineer, and my brother Bud is a builder, all very creative fields.

My husband, Jeff, has always been proud of me.  He has continually encouraged me to express my creativity and has stuck by me through all my creative phases.  Everything from knitting machines and porcelain kilns, to sewing machines and embroidery machines, to computers, printers, scanners and thousands of dollars of graphic programs, he is there to encourage me to explore!  Without him, my children Heather, Ryan, Emily, and Hannah, my mother for her warmth and wisdom, my father for his brilliance and perfectionism, and my brothers and sisters for their rivalry, I would not be me. 

I am proud of my family and I feel that they are the ones that made me who I am today. I have continued to teach my children in the fashion that my mother taught us.  Now, my children are making their mark on the world.  Heather is a successful wedding photographer Heathers page.  Ryan, who at age 18 opened his own business as a DJ and a sound engineer, and has a Audio Xplosion Entertainment. Emily who graduated valedictorian as a medical assistant and is now pursuing her career in country music emilycolt.com  and Hannah still being in high school, has a few years to left to go.

I love you all!!!!!
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