Every site I create goes through the same friendly design process.

Design Process

A typical design project for an online store and logo takes about 2-4 weeks, depending on which kind of site you ordered, if you are readily available for questions and reviews, and if all the information
is in our possession.

What we need to get started:

A simple outline of what pages you would like on the site is extremely helpful. For example, from the home page you would like to have the links/Buttons: Contact Us, About Us, Shop, and Store Policies. Then for the Shop area, you would like to have the categories: Accessories, Gifts, and Clothing. List this out in an email, word text file, or you can even draw it and send it to me if you prefer.

All Information can be sent to. amy@spiderwebsitedesigns.com 
you can send Word document files, Digital Photos, Adobe files, Corel files etc...  It might even be easier to send me a CD disk with all your logos, photos and documents in one place.

Website Content
I need the content for all of the pages that are going to be designed/set up for you.

Especially if I am designing your logo in addition to your website, it is extremely important to have some ideas of what YOU want the design to look like, and what feeling you want it to express. This includes color scheme and basic design style. Do you like the trendy boutique look or a more professional corporate look? With tons of options for style, color and feel. I need to have an idea of what direction to take.

Breakdown of design process:

1. Initial Contact
Once I accept your job, you will be given a tentative start date based on your completion of the check list.

2. Agreement to Terms
When we are ready to start your project you will need to acknowledge and agree to our terms before proceeding.

3. Deposit
The $375.00 design fee is required up front and the remaining amount is due BEFORE delivery of the files, making the site go "live" and before giving you the login details for the site. If you would like to have access to the site before we are completely done, then the final payment must be made.

4. Design Concept Review
I will provide you with a design concepts which I create based on your input - desired colors, style, sample sites and overall vision as communicated to me. If my initial attempt is not in the right direction, I will work with you in creating another concept, Maxx 3 designs total.  If we still don't get it right, there will be a $125.00 charge for every design afterword. 

5. Revisions & Site Preview
Once the design concept is decided I will begin the round of revisions to customize it to your needs.

6. Site Approval
When your site is approved, and we decide how many Links/Buttons you will need @ $75.00 a page
example, 5 pages 

5 X $75.00 = $375.00
At this point there will be a minimum 50% Deposit before going any further
$375.00 / by 2 = $187.50

7. Final Payment
When the site is finished, you will be invoiced for the remaining balance.

8. Going "Live"
After receipt of the final payment, I will deliver all logins and passwords if you wish to update yourself.

Designer: Amy Lynn Colt
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