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It is set up so you can pay what ever amount you wish.
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1)  First Payment, Design Fee Up Front before I start Building site   $375.00

2)  Second Payment, When Site is Approved,
and we decide Approximately how many Links/Buttons you will need @ $75.00 a page
  • example, 5 pages
  • 5 pages X $75.00 per page = $375.00
*At this point there will be a 50% Deposit before going any further
  • $375.00 divided by 2 = $188.00

3) Final Payment,
When the site is finished, or 30 from the start of the contract, you will be invoiced for the remaining balance.  I am not responsible If there is content delay on your part and the site cannot be finished in a timely manner. 

4)  After Receipt of the Final Payment,
I will deliver all logins and passwords. You will have 15 days from delivery, Free Service/Updates.  Please use this time to get to know your site.  Make sure all links are working, all products are correct.